Laika Technologies is a privately held company, totally independent, owned by industry specialists that provide cutting-edge technology solutions and services to:

  • Governments not under international sanctions
  • Government Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies

Laika’s Engineers have 30 years + experience in the communication industry specializing in advanced Satellite communications technologies. The company was incubated and was established based on long term trusted relationships with customers and key technology suppliers. Laika Addresses customer requirements by identifying, selecting, sourcing & integrating the best technologies with our own unique development and integration capabilities.

Laika’s Value Proposition

  • We are experts in COMINT solutions, specialising on satellite communication monitoring technologies.
  • We continuously search for best of breed technologies with the objective of solving complex technology challenges to address our customers’ requirements.
  • Our business model is based on providing value for money to our customers with passionate customer service.