There is a continual growth in satellite communications globally, and with it, an increase in the intelligence value of satellite signals.

However, satellite monitoring is an extremely complex and technological challenge, due to the many different proprietary signals from many different suppliers. As satellite monitoring need to take place in the blind initially, it is vitally important that an in depth scan of the various satellites are conducted, to determine where the signals of interests are. This would also require an analysis of the content of these signals. Based on this analysis, a customized product offering can be designed, ensuring that an effective monitoring system can be installed.

Laika Technologies offers products which have been designed specifically for the purpose of monitoring satellite traffic from various high-tech suppliers.

These products are based on digitizing signals from L-band, followed by an in-depth software based analysis system, determining parameters such as modulation, error correction, decompression (DCME) and coding schemes, to extract the content embedded in the signals, complete with meta data such as SS7 signalling, IP addresses and location information.

The Satellite Analysis System (SAS)

SAS is designed for automatic identification of signals and protocols of satellite communication systems. SAS allows detecting signals, transmitted by various telecommunication satellites, and performing primary and detailed analysis of signals and protocols. It helps to classify the information transmitted via satellites, set the frequency bands used for transmission signals in which the system’s users are interested, and to formulate the requirements for specialized hardware that is required for receiving signals in interest. In addition, SAS can be used for automatic setting of specialized hardware on the signals desired by user.

SAS features:

  • Automatic spectrum scanning and blind detection of carrier parameters;
  • Carrier analysis and Signal detection;
  • Signal spectral characteristics determination (frequency, bandwidth, modulation type, error correction code, symbol rate, data rate, framer type, multiplexing type, compression type, equipment type, etc…. );
  • Identification of channel, network, transport and signalling protocols;
  • Decode carriers to content level and store results in a database
  • The opportunity to save the analysis results in standard format for offline analysis
  • The ability to search for specific technical characteristics from stored results in the DB;
  • Friendly graphical user interface for managing hardware and viewing the information in the DB.
  • Friendly graphical user interface for filtering relevant content from the database.

What does the SAS system offer?

SAS offers a clear picture of the various types of carriers on a specific satellite polarization, indicating the various types of carriers, identification and classification of VSAT networks and decompression of compressed carriers and decoding of DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X carriers in a single view. Scans can be performed in a short time, thus allowing for high productivity of the scanning antennas and personnel. Signals of interest can be analysed further, down to content level, by listening to voice channels and/or viewing text content, the user can determine which countries are utilizing which particular satellite carrier.

Laika Technologies can also perform on-site scans for its customers.

This is important to demonstrate the performance of the products and will help determine the signals of interest. In addition, these scans will assist in understanding the scope of works of a future monitoring system. This is essential in designing the most cost effective solution that would meet the intel demands. This design will encompass all the needed components of an interception system, including antennas, RF switching, digitizing and analysis software. Furthermore, Laika Technologies will offer complete lifecycle support and training for its products.

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