The VSAT monitoring solution is a state of the art hardware and software solution

This will allow the user to automatically scan a satellite polarization and identify the relevant VSAT type signals anywhere within the frequency band. Once all Outroute and/or Inroute signals are identified the user can select the VSAT networks of interest for processing and extraction of information. The solution will process the VSAT signals which were selected by the user and store the meta data in a SQL database and content in a file server. The user can then access the captured content through an Operator Workstation Graphical User Interface (GUI) with powerful filtering capabilities.

The VSAT monitoring solution has the capability to analyse and decode a variety of VSAT networks. The reception and decoding can be done on one directional signals or full duplex (Outroute/ Inroute)  signals depending on the reception of the Hub and Inroute carriers at the customer site. In cases of MF-TDMA inroute signals the prerequisite is that the outroute signal (Hub) exist within the satellite footprint at the customer location. In cases where Outroute and Inroute signals are not in the same satellite footprint the user system will not be able to capture duplex traffic. The VSAT solution is also capable of handling PCMA type VSAT carriers.

The majority of VSAT networks on satellite spectrums are from the following suppliers:

  • iDirect
  • Gilat
  • Hughes Network Systems
  • Newtec
  • ViaSat

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