The field of satellite interception is highly complex and requires a combination of technical and operational knowledge in order to be effective.

  • Satellite Interception Consulting
  • Satellite Interception system design.
    This is important to demonstrate the performance of the products and will help determine the signals of interest. In addition, these scans will assist in understanding the scope of works of a future monitoring system. This is essential in designing the most cost effective solution that would meet the intel demands. This design will encompass all the needed components of an interception system, including antennas, RF switching, digitizing and analysis software. Furthermore, Laika Technologies will offer complete lifecycle support and training for its products.
  • Scan and survey of available satellite signals
  • RFP/RFI drafts
  • Operational implementations
  • Project Management
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Due to the extensive experiences of Laika Technologies in this field, the following professional services are offered: